Jewelry care


What is plating?

Plating is a thin coating of gold, silver, or other metal. The surface of a piece of jewelry is covered with a thin layer of metal that only affects the color of the jewelry. The colors of plating are gold and rose gold (gold plating), silver (silver plating), platinum, and black platinum (platinum plating).



All our pieces are silver, rose gold, gold, or platinum plated. Their base is either silver 925, alpaca, or bronze. Since plating is a thin layer of metal, to keep it as long as possible, you have to take good care of it. Color fading of plating cannot be avoided, you can only slow it down.


How can I maintain my jewelry’ shine?

It is very important to avoid contact with liquids and chemicals (perfumes/ body lotions etc). For example, take off your rings when washing your hands, showering, or swimming. Golden rule: Wait a couple of minutes after perfuming, before putting your jewelry on. Last but not least, you can always polish your jewelry at home with our polishing cloth. Watch the video!


Why do silver jewelry go black?

Silver metal turns black when it comes into contact with moisture. It is the moisture in the air which causes the blackening of the silver. Nevertheless, this "blackening" is reversible. Use silver cleaning cloths to make them shine again!


Where should I store my jewelry?

Store your jewelry in closed boxes or cases, and avoid damp areas, such as the bathroom.


Can I replate my jewelry?

We can replate jewelry that you have purchased from us. Contact us at for more info and we will get back to you.