Size guide



  • "Closed" rings: In this category it is necessary to know your size. We have created a detailed size guide you can consult: Print the guide on a 100% scale and follow the steps carefully. Then choose your size and add the product to your cart.

  • Adjustable rings: At this type of rings the guide is not necessary, as they easily adjust to every finger.


  • "Closed" bracelets: Consult the size guide.

  • Adjustable bracelets: They are created with strings that adjust to every wrist, so the size guide is not necessary in this case.


All our necklaces (available individually or in sets) have numbers that correspond to various lengths. Consult our detailed size guide and choose the right size for you. For any necklace that does not have a number, it means that the necklace is long enough to fit any neck (in that case, its length will be noted in centimeters).



All our sandals are made of 100% genuine leather; this means that they are going to feel a little tight at first but as soon as you wear them a couple of times, they will take the shape of your feet and feel extra comfortable. Genuine leather also tends to get a little darker in time, especially when it is exposed in sunlight.

Follow the steps on our detailed size guide to choose the correct size for you.